Why Join?

Business growth is defined by the ability to sell/deliver products & services, the ability to develop newer and more innovative products, and the ability to do so cost effectively.

There are several external forces which are making this more difficult, including: Globalization, and the Rapid rate of IT innovation.

Your ability to embrace these forces as opportunities rather than threats will be the difference between your company’s ability to grow exponentially or simply maintain the status quo.

  • Your client’s business is globalizing
  • IT companies are consolidating to expand coverage and drive efficiencies
Rapid Rate of IT Innovation
  • Rate of change in IT innovation is exponential and the cost of R&D investment (including getting resources and skills) can be prohibitive for small / medium size companies
  • Large multi-national IT companies are dominating and are aggressively investing in new capabilities
  • Clients need help with rapidly changing IT, and as they consolidate providers to become efficient, they prefer IT Partners who can meet “all” of their needs

The Global Technology Alliance Xchange gives you a platform to grow your business for a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself.