Education is an investment in your organization’s future.  Don’t let budget cuts rob you of preparing your most valuable resource to be better at their job, and to be more engaged.

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is the leading global professional association dedicated to negotiating, planning and executing alliances and other collaborative business relationships.

ASAP provides its members forums for networking and professional development along with access to tools and resources, while working to elevate and promote the discipline of alliance management.

Founded in 1998, ASAP is a non-profit global professional membership organization with over 2,250 members representing over 35 countries across the globe.

Membership represents a cross-sector of industries including Hi-Tech, BioPharma, Finance, Insurance, Retail, and Consumer Service to name a few. ASAP is governed by an Executive Management Board and Advisory Board which is comprised of senior executives from Global Member organizations.

IT Metrics and Productivity Institute is an organization created by CAI to produce and promote best practices education throughout the IT community. The ITMPI has hundreds of expert contributors and over 1000 hours of content, with new educational lectures produced every week.

  • Weekly Journals, covering Governance, PMO, Workforce Development, Cybersecurity, and the Strategic CIO
  • Daily general purpose IT newsletters, include special editions for specific topics and audiences

On-line and facilitated in-person training programs which enable the learning of core management and leadership competencies that drive organizational performance.

An organization's ability to nurture these skills in their management team can make the difference between success and failure.

Whether you're interested in your own self-improvement or in developing leadership capabilities in your team or organization.

Providing C-suite with insights, challenges, and opportunities to improve their Strategic IT Governance competency that focuses on project, process and leadership excellence.

Help IT leaders improve the strategic maturity of their strategic IT governance competency to enable business outcomes that improve revenue, reduce cost, and enhance shareholder value.

Providing IT leaders with the insights, challenges, and opportunities from strategic CIOs whose IT organizations provide innovative solutions by leveraging information and technology to improve the competitive position of their companies.

Help IT leaders improve the strategic maturity of their IT organization by enabling business outcomes that improve revenue, reduce cost, and enhance shareholder value.