Current Structure & Organization

The Global Technology Alliance Xchange operates as an independent company managed by founding member, Computer Aid, Incorporated. CAI operates as an independent member of the Xchange and is expected to abide by the same processes, standards, etc., either written or implied, as every other member. An Xchange Advisory Board is being assembled for executive committee and operational guidance.

Currently, CAI leadership is assuming the role of guiding and managing the Xchange providing overall management, strategy and business direction. The Xchange Advisory Board will be established in late 2018 or early 2019.

Yes, one will be established in 2018/2019. It will be consist of Xchange members as well as industry opinion influencers.

It is expected that each member will have (at least) one identified (part-time) Xchange liaison for Xchange participation, inquiries and opportunity engagement contact.

As previously mentioned, the Xchange will have digital components consisting of a web presence, as well as, other social media participation for members. This includes facilities for promotion, social media posting, feedback and lead tracking facilities (by itself a tremendous value for the annual membership fees).