Financial Impact

Each member will immediately gain access to an ecosystem of alliance partners providing ample opportunity to provide you with:

  • New sales footprint for your products or services
  • Access to new markets
  • Relationships to build new business activity

Further, members gain access to a new set of world-class products and services which they can incorporate into their offers to a customer or prospect to become much more competitive. There are facilities for Referral or Resell that can be leveraged through the Xchange.

In addition, members can experience:

  • Increased local business due to your additional capabilities gained through the Xchange
  • Referral Fees (when a you refer a prospective client to an Xchange member)
  • Ability to sell your innovative products and tools to/through other Xchange members worldwide
  • Ability to jointly bid on work which would otherwise have been out of reach
  • Ability to immediately service your existing customers worldwide
  • Access to a network of international technology, industry, and organizational A-Level consultants

Finally, through a unique model of member promotion the Xchange provides members enhanced social media integration and lead tracking capability.

(Note: Being an active member in the Xchange, by writing for newsletter, magazine, or journals, as well as attending the events will increase the opportunity as other members learn more about you and your firm)

Exchange membership affords active members with substantial operational cost reductions.

  • If you are a small to mid-sized organization, you will instantly experience a new professional partner ecosystem without spending years, countless hours of recruiting or additional management and headcount, to assemble
  • If you are an enterprise size organization, you will immediately gain access to leading edge products and services to complement your offerings
  • All members will experience among the lowest investments to gain an “innovative edge” vs. other enterprise caliber companies who traditionally move slow with huge bureaucracies that can stifle growth potential

In general, Exchange members will experience:

  • Reduce Business Development investment by utilizing existing network of firms,
  • Substantially lower or eliminate international expansion investment since no or limited physical expansion is necessary,
  • Significantly reduced R&D and marketing investment, by leveraging products and services (and related marketing material) developed by other Xchange members – “Instant Product Portfolio” capability,
  • Reduce Sales and go to market investment by gaining a distributed virtual sales force rather than creating your own,
  • Reduce risk of losing engagements as you seek viable delivery partners,
  • Reduce development & support investment through low cost Development Centers,
  • Minimize financial and legal administrative costs since legal entities, tax, etc. are minimized or eliminated.

There is no individual charge to access or research products or services capabilities between members. In fact, with the innovative capabilities of the Xchange, time and information research should be minimized. There is typical transfer pricing for reselling of another member’s products or services as well as a nominal Xchange Service Fee as described later in this document.

The Global Technology Alliance Xchange collects annual membership fees to offset cost of operations, promotion and systems capabilities.

The Xchange receives nominal Service Fees contributions as described in this FAQ primarily to offset investments and to fund Xchange expansion to help serve the membership.

List of Fees:

  • Membership fees are $25,000 per year. Members can also earn membership fee elimination based on their lead and revenue contribution to the Xchange. See the details on this later in the FAQ

There are some fees that are opportunity specific:

  • Referrals: The referring member has no fee. The member supplying the service agrees to a 15% total Referral Fee to be paid where the Referring member receives 10% and the Xchange receives 5%. The supplying member is in control as it must approve of the referral before a referral is activated

    • If the referral comes directly from the activity generated from a tool or product instantiated by the Xchange (i.e.: social media lead generation), the Xchange will be considered the “referring” entity and earn 10% and the first associated other member affiliated (i.e.: entry point to the Xchange lead tracking) will receive 5%

  • Transactional Resell: The reselling member must register a resell opportunity just like a referral (as described above). Once approved by the supplying member, the arrangement of transfer price is between those two members. As a registered opportunity, the Exchange receives 2% of the supplying member’s received customer fees

The 2% Service Fee model is also used for internal system transactions such as member ad or link placements within the Xchange digital land.

The Xchange will help you differentiate yourself from your competition. New members will receive “instant scale” with access to:

  • A network of international membership organizations to extend your delivery capabilities
  • A network of near and off-shore development and support centers
  • To a portfolio of products, services, solutions, and tools (many of which have no additional cost)
  • To regional and international networking events, featuring key opinion leaders, guest speakers, and chance to learn about new Xchange tools
  • Xchange marketing material to help promote your membership
  • Xchange website
  • Social media and lead tracking facilities

Additional benefits provided from other members are realized as well, such as:

  • A suite of Workforce Development tools, including weekly live, and over 700 recorded webinars for your organization (at no additional charge)
  • Xchange Newsletters/Magazines as well as subject specific journals

(Note: details can be provided upon request)