The Global Technology Alliance Xchange is a unique technology marketplace comprised of an established network of highly professional, like-minded, independent technology product and services organizations. This marketplace services the needs of the Xchange members with access to markets, products, services, content and go-to-market strategies at a fraction of the investment normally required if sought out individually by any single entity.

The overall benefit to a new Xchange member is to leverage the assets of the greater Xchange membership to expand market reach and drive incremental revenue at a highly reduced investment factor than available without the Xchange.

Organizations join the Xchange to gain access to:

  • New markets (geo and industry) though Xchange membership footprint
  • New sales leads for their existing products or services
  • New potential customers through Xchange member connections
  • New paid referrals from Xchange membership
  • New products and services that they can sell and/ or integrate into their offers
  • New content and collateral to supplement their sales, technical and marketing material
  • New social media posting, tracking and lead generation system to bolster their efforts
  • New industry and technology expertise through Xchange member collaboration
  • New educational materials, forums, journals and events
  • New revenue streams as a byproduct of being an Xchange member

Individually you can win in part, but together you can have it all. The Xchange combines the individual strengths of existing and localized technology product and services organizations into a cooperating, sharing and connected global organization. This dramatically increases the overall capability of the member organizations.

To create an international Xchange marketplace cooperative built upon a growing set of independent technology product and services firms. These organizations aggregate the individual products, strengths, and geographic footprint into winning solution deliverables in the markets they serve.

In its first year, the Xchange has grown to 25 multinational organizations and we are expecting a 200% growth over the next 12-months.

Computer Aid, Inc., the founding Xchange member, sought out strategies to become more:

  • Competitive
  • Global
  • Explosive in revenue growth

CAI was quick to understand that a cooperative strategy to realize these benefits can produce an increasing growth rate and provide a forum for all other companies participating to benefit from in an Xchange membership structure.

No. An Xchange member should not consider the engagement of the Xchange or any member, as competitive any more than the myriad of existing & future threats that are normal market forces. In fact, the Xchange should help defend against unwarranted competition and bad actors in the marketplace through enhanced capability of products, services and collaboration. In addition, there are limited exclusivity arrangements in the Xchange Agreement to help foster a select group of members within specific areas of expertise or geography.

The integrity of customer relationships is sacred within the Xchange. It is true that access to customers is an advantage to Xchange membership, but each individual member controls that access. For example, any lead referrals must first be approved by the granting member. This is indicative of the respect that the Xchange has for operational integrity.