Operating Model & Business Principles

Participation in the Xchange should be seen in two forms:

  • First, one becomes a member of the Xchange
  • Second, one has the opportunity to engage with another member into a partnership around opportunities, products or services

The integrity of the customer relationship and its communication conduit are sacred within the Xchange. Full respect in communication with a member’s customer and client base is expected according to our Member Code of Ethics. In addition, each member is in full control of who they offer access to within their own customer base.

Each member in in control of their level of support and product or service provisioning, to another member. The Xchange understands the complexities of engagements and per our Code of Ethics, each member should provide all reasonable efforts to engage with other members of the Xchange.

Entering into a partnership with a fellow member is situational and is at the discretion of each member. No engagement is mandatory.

The Xchange should be seen as additive to your own capabilities, and is not meant to be a total solution to every contingency or possibility. Having said this, the Xchange fundamentally believes that with all members participating via contribution to the Xchange, the total membership benefits. Said differently, “a rising tide raises all boats.”

Should a member violate the Member Code of Ethics, that instance will be presented to the Exchange Advisory Board. Flagrant or egregious violations can be met with expulsion from the Xchange.