Participation Program

The Xchange is open to all types and sizes of technology product or service companies.

There are no general restrictions on membership beyond a nomination and application process (which includes a quality and financial stability review) to provide initial membership vetting.

Referrals from existing partners are welcome.

Yes! We have supported many successful start-ups throughout the US, and are very willing to do the same internationally.

If you are interested, please contact us so we can discuss the details.

1. Nominate themselves to learn more

2. Apply for formal membership

Membership growth will occur based upon product, service, geographic market need. Due to the rule of “exponentiality” the more qualified membership the Xchange gains, the more benefits to membership are received.

We are expecting to have a membership for major economic spheres in Europe, Asia Pac, North and Latin America as the exchange grows. And, we are also expecting Xchange expansion in specific technology product and service areas.

There will be opportunities for limited exclusivity by geography, industry, technology and service offering (and possibly various combinations thereof).

There are no obligations when you join the Xchange ... it is your choice based on individual situations.

Nevertheless, taking an active role in the Xchange, will lead to increased revenue through client referrals and business interactions. You should find that the products, tools, services and solutions which Xchange members have contributed, are innovative, exciting, and will help you further differentiate you from your competition and will bring new value to your clients. The more you know, the more you can leverage.

Theoretically, with an unlimited budget and time, you “could” do many of the things that the Xchange can provide. But, the tremendous cost involved in both time and money makes this option completely illogical. It is our conservative estimation that each new member will receive the equivalent of over $5,000,000 of cumulative product, service and market reach potential in just the first year of membership.

In short, the Xchange will provide a virtual instantaneous access to a growing membership providing:

  • New products and services you may wish to offer or refer to make your customer engagements more competitive and sticky
  • Negotiated discounts or pricing schedules for new products and services
  • Instant scale for new
    • Client connections
    • Products
    • Services
    • Sales footprints
    • Content
    • Lead generation Reach
    • Tools and programs

Membership is not a “one instance” situation, but rather a journey. The cumulative benefit of new members, contacts, leads and product and service access, multiplies exponentially each month, year, etc. If a member chooses not to renew, they will miss out on this continuing benefits and forfeit the capabilities they once received.

In addition, the tools and network provided by the Xchange come at such and insignificant investment yielding an unlimited set of opportunities. Some of the tools alone are worth the annual investment ten times over. A non-renewal could be effectively seen as an elimination of a near zero cost sales, marketing, R&D and innovation engine in a time when you want to experience profitable growth.

Finally, the membership fees can be partially or completely offset annually based upon your membership contribution to the Xchange in the form of leads and revenue bearing referrals and sales with other members.

We see this as one of the best, if not THE best, value for technology-based organizations in the industry.

A Service Fee is a nominal fee associated with select network engagements through the Xchange. For example, if a resell opportunity is registered with another member, there is a 2% Service Fee (of customer received revenue by the supplying member) that the Xchange will receive as a by-product of a revenue generating sale from the supplying member. There is no Service Fee if there is no transaction.