Success Stories & Case Studies

  • Member G (Spain), a cybersecurity firm, seeks to grow its business through expansion to other countries
  • Member G partners with Member H (US) to leverage the relationships Member H has with its current and future clients

Value: Member G obtains access to key executives in major USA clients without having to invest in a new sales team.

Value: Member H benefits from the opportunity to offer its existing and future clients an additional technology service.

  • Member A (US) provides technology development and support services to a local, long-term, multinational client
  • Member A is asked by the client to provide technology services to its subsidiary in China
  • Member A leverages Member B (China) to provide technology services to the client

Value: Member A effectively leverages the Xchange to be a global technology services company without having to establish its own overseas operations and strengthens its image with its client.

Value: Member B receives new business from a multinational client with minimal, or any, sales effort.

  • Member C (Colombia) intends to respond to a client RFP for multiple technology services, including cloud migration
  • Member C connects with Member D (Italy), with extensive expertise in cloud migration, to work together in preparing the RFP response

Value: Member C obtains instant access to expertise required to bid on a large, profitable, contract.

Value: Member D enjoys the opportunity to offer its expertise and resources to participate in a contract it would not have been aware of.

  • Member E (Colombia) is preparing a response to a client RFP for software development
  • Member F (Philippines), a development center, offers to provide programmers at a lower cost, leveraging the Philippine wage advantage
  • The combined project proposal takes advantage of lower cost to the client and continuous, agile, development possible with programmers working "around the clock."

Value: Member E benefits from a more cost-competitive proposal and from "follow the sun" development.

Value: Member F secures additional revenue with minimal or no sales effort.